The Best Table Legs for DIY Furniture Projects

7th Mar 2021

The Best Table Legs for DIY Furniture Projects

Designing and building a custom kitchen island or table doesn’t require Bob Villa’s woodworking skills. If you can screw a set of pre-fab table legs to a table base, you can actually have a gorgeous custom kitchen island or table that’s more affordable than you might think. There are several sources for table legs online, but my absolute hands-down favorite is Osborne Wood Products.

It Started With A Sketch

When Jason and I were renovating the kitchen in our last home, I had a vision for a huge kitchen island that would serve as a food prep area on one end and dinner table at the other. I pulled out a yellow notepad and sketched my vision for our contractor, complete with huge chunky table legs. He burst my creative bubble when he told me that a mission style table leg was all he could do. We parted ways shortly afterward.

A Gifted Table

It was around the same time that my parents moved into their new home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The home was originally built in 1865 and had been almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The side of the house with the kitchen and laundry was all that survived. The kitchen cabinetry is stunning with huge beefy granite topped console tables in place of lower cabinets. The previous owners had everything custom made by hand out of native cypress.

When they offered me one of the console tables from the laundry room, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The measurements and those gorgeous table legs matched my kitchen island vision exactly! It was meant to be!

All I needed was the rest of my island. Because the original table legs were about 5” wide of hand turned cypress gorgeousness, the next problem was finding someone who could make 2 more just like them.

That’s when I found Osborne Wood Products. Founded in 1997, Osborne Wood is a family owned company in the small north Georgia town of Toccoa that specializes in wood furniture components.

They carry a large selection of table legs that can be shipped out the same day, plus they do custom work, so they can create whatever you dream up.

Working With Osborne Wood

I sent them several photos of our table leg, along with detailed measurements. Within about 2 days, I had a CAD drawing and a quote of just over $200 per leg which was incredibly reasonable given the size, and the fact that they would be cypress. 

The rep explained that there would be a slight difference in the edges of the blocks because their computerized lathe could not match the squared edge of the hand turned leg, but I knew that once the island was finished, it would not be noticeable. We ordered a table leg kit, which included our custom table legs, the apron, and the hardware needed to put it all together.

While we waited for the new legs to arrive, I got busy stripping 30+ years of grime and Katrina off the original table.

The Perfect Match

The new table legs were shipped right to my door about 2 weeks after we placed the order. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a nervous wreck waiting to see if they would match. I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

They. Were. Perfection.

The table leg kit went together easily and over the next week I did a custom stain mix to get the look I wanted. In the end, I had the exact kitchen island I had sketched out on that yellow notepad the year before.

Sidenote - There was no way that I was going to leave that original table when we moved. The granite company sent out 5 guys who lifted the slab so we could replace the table with a new cabinet base. I painted out the legs from Osborne Wood to match the new cabinet base. It broke my heart to paint over that gorgeous grain, but they are still stunners!

I am 99% sure that this kitchen is what sold our house in 4 days flat. I wrote about that here.

This is in no way a sponsored post. Our experience with Osborne Wood was just so good, I wanted to share this incredible resource with you!